Saatvik Launches 545 Wp Bifacial Half Cut Modules With 21.12 % Efficiency


Leading Indian module manufacturer “Saatvik” has launched a powerful and reliable Bifacial Half Cut MBB Solar Modules with 545 Wp output and 21.12% efficiency.


Saatvik is one of the first manufacturers to start with the production of 545 Wp bifacial modules using M10-sized cells with all required BIS & IEC certificates. Get up to 25% additional power gain from the backside of the bifacial module. It has significant gains on grassland, dry sand, and especially in snowfields. Based on the advanced mono wafer and PERC Half-cut technology, Duo brings your plants to a 545W+ solar era with a linear warranty of up to 30 years.


Prashant Mathur, CEO- Saatvik
Saatvik mentioned, that the combination of Half-Cut PERC cell technology and bifacial module amplifies the power gain up to tremendous power output and will help you to achieve the lowest LCOE possible. Going forward, the company foresees continuous strong demand for high power solar modules for the simple reason that the Indian market is highly competitive and conscious of the product performance and balance of system (BOS).

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Recently Saatvik has raised its production output to 1 GW in Ambala (Haryana) and coming up with an additional 1.2 GW capacity set up in Gandhidham (Gujarat). In terms of the Product roadmap, Saatvik offers Poly Modules /Half cut Mono Perc & Bifacial MBB –545 Wp and above Modules with M10 Cell technology.


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