SECI’s 1,200 MW Wind-Solar Hybrid (Tranche V) Auction Gets Lowest Tariff of ₹2.53/kWh


TATA Power, NTPC Renewable, AMP Energy and SJVN were declared as winners in SECI’s (Solar Energy Corporation of India) auction to build 1,200 MW of interstate transmission system (ISTS)-connected wind-solar hybrid power projects (Tranche-V) across India.


TATA power were allotted 600 MW, NTPC 450 MW, AMP 120 MW each quoting Rs 2.53/ kWh whereas SJVN who quoted Rs 2.54/kWh was allotted only 30 MW against it’s bid of 200 MW under bucket filling method.


The discovered tariff of ₹2.53/kWh is 8.5% higher than the lowest bid of ₹2.34/kWh discovered in the previous auction ((Tranche-IV) for wind-solar hybrid project by SECI.


SECI, In Oct 21 has floated a tender for setting up 1,200 MW ISTS-connected wind-solar hybrid power projects (Tranche-V) across India. The minimum capacity for each project was 50 MW. A bidder’s overall project allocation capacity was limited to 1,200 MW.


According to the tender documents which were floated by SECI last October, the hybrid power projects were directed to be designed for interconnection with the transmission network of the central transmission utility at the voltage level of 220 kV or above. It also included that the power project should comprise both wind as well as solar components. Also Under the terms of the tender, the rated installed capacity of both solar or wind has to be at least 33% of project capacity. Only wind turbine models specified in the Revised List of Models and Manufacturers provided by the Ministry of New and Renewable Energy was allowed for deployment in order to ensure only high-quality systems are installed.

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