Shakti Foundation and SOLshare Collaborates to Interconnect P2P Solar Microgrids in Bangladesh

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Shakti Foundation and SOLshare will interconnect one of their P2P microgrids, a network of interconnected solar homes systems, in a rural area of Bangladesh via a single point known as the “Point of Common Coupling (PCC), in order to feed excess solar energy into national grid.


A press release describes the launch of the PCC, which took place in Dhaka on 21 June.

Dr Tawfiq-e-Elahi Chowdhury inaugurated the event. He promised government support for the enterprise.

Javed Patel, Acting British High Commissioner to Bangladesh, stated that “we are delighted to support the ground-breaking pilot program that builds upon Bangladesh’s global success with solar home systems and expansion of the national grid.” It can bring benefits to many rural communities, as well as increasing the share of renewable energy to the national energy mix.

The PCC integrates Bangladesh’s two major electrification efforts – grid extension and Solar Home System (SHS) dissemination.

The Rural Electrification Board (REB) grid is connected to one side of the PCC, while the local microgrid from the SHS is connected to the other side.

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The microgrid is self-sustaining and this grid infrastructure will be used for energy balancing with the national grid, while reducing load shedding, and increasing service stability.

Solar Home Systems, which allow users to generate additional income and provide a sustainable path for the 6 million+ SHS, can be sold to the national grid.

This is the first step in creating a smarter grid by integrating existing distributed storage assets. It will eventually lead to the creation of a virtual power station (VPP).

“Shakti Foundation is proud that it has partnered with SOLshare to conduct action research on the feasibility of Solar Home Systems (SHS) contributing power to the national grid. This will make a significant impact on climate change mitigation and help achieve the country’s goal of generating 40% clean energy by 2041. Imran Ahmed, Shakti foundation’s deputy executive director, stated, “

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