EDPR Sunseap Completes Taiwan New Taipei City’s First Basketball Rooftop Solar System

EDPR Sunseap completes Taiwan New Taipei City's first basketball rooftop solar system

Sunseap Taiwan Solar Holdings Ltd (EDPR Sunseap Taiwan), a holding company under Singapore’s leading renewable energy provider EDPR Sunseap, today marks the completion of Taiwan New Taipei City’s first basketball court rooftop solar system.


Located at Ziqiang Elementary School in New Taipei City, the project was completed in April 2022 and marks EDPR Sunseap Taiwan’s first installation of a basketball rooftop solar system. It can provide approximately 200 KiloWatt-peak (kWp) of renewable electricity and offset the equivalent of 171 metric tonnes of carbon emissions. The system will also be able to supply energy to power an average of 60 Taiwanese households per year. In October 2021, EDPR Sunseap Taiwan completed a 535kWp rooftop solar system at the same school.


An EDPR Sunseap Taiwan spokesperson said, “The completion of Taiwan New Taipei City’s first basketball court rooftop solar system highlights EDPR Sunseap Taiwan’s continuous efforts to accelerate sustainability development. This dual usage of space within a school compound offers urban planners an innovative way to provide more covered spaces for students to engage in outdoor activities while concurrently addressing the need for renewable energy.

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“Powering up a basketball court rooftop is just the beginning. We look forward to bringing more novel green solutions and to instilling in the young the importance of adopting sustainable practices in their everyday lives.”

Established in 2018, EDPR Sunseap Taiwan has two subsidiaries: Pacific Sunseap Energy Limited which handles distributed photovoltaic projects, and Sunseap Solutions Taiwan Limited which focuses on energy efficiency and green roof solutions.

New Taipei City was the only city in Taiwan invited to sign the New York City Voluntary Local Reviews Declaration in 2020, joining more than 330 cities worldwide in promoting the United Nation’s sustainability work.

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