Trina Solar Introduces a Revolutionary Upgrade to the Vertex Family – G12R Modules with Rectangular Cells


    Trina Solar’s Vertex modules are well known across the globe for their reliability, durability, high power, and efficiency. A revolutionary upgrade has been introduced to this Vertex series with two innovative G12R modules.


    Trina Solar Makes A Mark in the PV Industry


    The new Modules series (G12R) was first launched at Intersolar Europe Expo in May 2022 to bring in the Revolution with Rectangle cells. For the first time in the industry, Trina Solar has started to manufacture Rectangular cells with the same width of 182mm and the same length as 210mm cells.


    This series features the first-ever non-square cells – H4 cells, that will lead the industry into a new era of higher power and improved efficiency. This upgrade will result in a better product experience and exceptional investment gains in non-utility markets.

    Revolution with Rectangle Cells

    The innovative rectangular silicon cell (G12R) technology is applied to Trina Solar’s Vertex S 435W and Vertex 580W. This technology results in higher efficiency and power than similar products available in the market. Single-module power increases by up to 30W.

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    The Vertex S 435W Module: DE09R.08 has a maximum power output of up to 435W and an efficiency of up to 21.8%. It measures 1762*1134*30mm and weighs 21.8kg. It comes with a 25-year performance warranty. The maximum degradation for the first year is only 2% whereas the maximum annual loss from years 2 through 25 is 0.55%. The open circuit voltage is 50.6V and the short circuit current is 10.86A. Being the most durable module in this range, the Vertex S – R series is benefiting from a 15-year product warranty which is an additional 3 years warranty compared to the conventional modules.

    The Vertex 580W Module: DE19R has a maximum power output of up to 580W and an efficiency of up to 21.5%. This particular module measures 2384*1134*35mm and weighs 29.6kg. This module’s open circuit voltage is 46V whereas the short circuit current is 16.11 A.

    These newest modules reduce LCOE and achieve higher levels of reliability for the distributed market, including residential rooftops and industrial and commercial scenarios worldwide. In fact, they can increase installation capacity on residential rooftops by 5–7% and are perfectly compatible with local mainstream inverters and mounting systems. This has made Trina Solar’s new modules superior to conventional P-type and N-type modules.

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    Vertex S is the Winner of the Red Dot Product Design Award 2022

    The Vertex S has won the ‘Red Dot Product Design Award 2022’ for its Ultimate Aesthetics consisting of Excellent Roof Appearance, Good Industry Design, and Cutting Edge Technology.

    Vertex S series was chosen out of nearly 10,000 entries from more than 60 countries for its advanced design concept and excellent user experience. The Red Dot Product Design Award 2022 is the most influential international industrial design award, considered an “Oscar” for product design. This honor makes Trina Solar China’s first PV module manufacturer has won this award.

    Trina’s Growing Presence in the Middle East

    The Middle East and Africa (MEA) region is witnessing a significant boom in the renewable energy industry. The high temperature and radiation in the MEA region make it an ideal place for developing the PV industry. Trina Solar is committed to increasing its footprint and presence to cater to the rapidly growing demand for solar energy in the region.

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    Trina Solar’s 25-year-old solar heritage and industry knowledge make it uniquely positioned to meet the MEA region’s needs with its latest offerings. Trina Solar offers modules with the highest string power in the industry to reduce the BOS and LCOE of the projects in different applications. The products are designed keeping the customers’ needs in mind. They focus on providing high customer value while incorporating the most recent technologies.

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