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Saudi Power Procurement Company Launches A Tender For 3.3 GW Capacity Of Renewable Energy

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Saudi Power Procurement Company launches a tender for a 3.3 GW capacity of renewable energy. Saudi authorities plan to build three wind power stations of around 1.8 GW, and two solar parks of 1.5 GW capacity.


As per reports, one of two solar power plants will have a total installed power of 1.1 GW. It will be located in Al Hanakia in Medina province, west-central Saudi Arabia. A 400 MW solar project will be built in Tabarjal, the northernmost town.

This tender is the fourth round in the country’s National Renewable Energy Program (NREP).

According to local media, the Kingdom aims to achieve the best energy mix in order to produce electricity using renewable energy resources and use gas with 50% for each one. It also aims to replace the fuel used for electricity production by 2030.

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