Marom Energy To Build Solar Power Station In Bedouin Land, Israel

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Marom Energy, a small business owned by the Gandyr Foundation under Judith Recanati is building Israel’s first solar power station on Bedouin land. Solar plants will be built on 150 acres of land belonging to several Bedouin families in southern Israel’s Negev Desert. Construction is expected to start next year. 


“We decided to Support the Bedouins and make them a direct stakeholder. They are almost their direct partners,” Amir Alshech (deputy CEO of Marom Energy), stated. They are involved in the design, construction, and management of the project. They are also landlords, so they receive yearly rent.


Marom Energy, a company based in Herzliya on the coast, stated that the Bedouins will be the main beneficiaries of the historic project. Their homes will be powered by solar energy produced during the day.

Alshech stated that it gives them an economic incentive as it is more stable and lucrative than agriculture.

Even though only a fraction of Israel’s electricity comes from renewable sources, the government stated earlier this year that it would aim to double its solar power capacity by 2025. Israel expects that 30-40% of its electricity will be generated from renewable sources by 2030.

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The Ashalim Power Station, located in the Negev desert, is Israel’s current largest solar power plant. It consists of three distinct plots that each rely on natural gas, solar thermal, and photovoltaic. 

The Ashalim tower can be seen from miles away. It is surrounded by more than 50,000 mirrors. It runs on solar thermal power. Solar thermal energy uses mirrors and lenses to harness the power of sunlight to produce heat.

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