Spain’s Endesa X Installs 48.6 kWp Self-consumption Solar PV Plant for Bodegas Bordoy

The self-consumption photovoltaic plant of Bodegas Bordoy

Endesa’s energy services subsidiary Endesa X has commissioned a new self-consumption photovoltaic plant for Bodegas Bordoy, located in the municipality of Llucmajor.


The self-consumption facilities are installed on the roof, with a total power capacity of 48.6 kWp, consisting of 108 photovoltaic modules of 405 Wp and an inverter of 40 kWn, which will reduce 42% of the energy needs of the facilities of Bodegas Bordoy, in the municipality of Llucmajor. This system helps Bodegas Bordoy prevent the emission of 23 tonnes of CO₂ per year.


Solar power and a number of additional energy efficiency initiatives are among the key issues in addressing decarbonisation in the industrial sector. Endesa X has delivered this as a turnkey project, comprising the calculation, design, manufacture, supply, transport, insurance, installation and commissioning of the self-consumption plant.


This commitment to sustainability and energy efficiency ensures that Bodegas Bordoy can make a qualitative leap forward with Endesa X and join the energy revolution, moving towards a company that is more respectful of the environment – a significant reduction of its carbon footprint by more than 23 tonnes of CO₂ each year.


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