NEFIN With City Development To Venture Into The Solar Energy Market In Taiwan

A file photo of NEFIN With City Development To Venture Into The Solar Energy Market In Taiwan

NEFIN Capital Taiwan Company Limited, a subsidiary of NEFIN, a renewable energy supplier in Asia Pacific, announces its cooperation with City Development Company Limited to venture into the solar energy market in Taiwan. City Development will assess, develop and acquire solar power plants for NEFIN, and be the largest developer and development investment consultant for NEFIN in Taiwan.


Mr. Glenn Lim, Director of NEFIN Capital, shared that NEFIN is a premium green independent power producer funded by AC Energy Corporation in the Philippines. It operates and holds over 3,800MW of utility-scale, commercial, and industrial renewable energy systems across the world. NEFIN has continuously invested in Taiwan and works with local partners which possess long-standing performance and experience to develop and accomplish the market’s sustainability and green energy vision, as well as to work with the local community to create a long-term and positive environment for the domestic economy and society growth.


Mr. Lim emphasized that NEFIN not only develops and builds its own solar power plants in Taiwan but it also actively looks for suitable projects for acquisition. NEFIN is positive about the cooperation with City Development as the collaboration provides an opportunity to integrate the expertise that the NEFIN and its partner possess in the areas of site evaluation analysis, technology integration, design and engineering construction, and solar power financing solution. This will speed up the supply of reasonably priced green electricity to Taiwanese enterprises and consumers, achievement of carbon neutrality, and assist the Taiwanese government with the implementation of its renewable energy policy and planning of a green economy.

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City Development Managing Director Mr. Passion Yang mentioned that the concept of sustainable urban development has prevailed around the world and green energy development is an important part of it. With a clear principle of building local partnerships, City Development earns the trust from local landlords through its good reputation. Over the years it has consolidated close to 400 hectares of lands in Pingtung and Kaohsiung for energy companies owned by renowned enterprises including PJ Asset Management Group, AUO Group, Union Group, Lealea Group, and has facilitated the construction of 60 ground-mounted and water-based solar power plants. The Company is not only an important driver of Pingtung Solar Power Zone but also the largest ground-mounted solar power developer in southern Taiwan.


Mr. Yang also shared his high expectation on collaboration with NEFIN in Taiwan, which will jointly respond to government policy and encourage the general public to embrace green energy. The two organizations can synergize their expertise to promote the conversion of wasteland into green gold, creating wins for industry, government, and community, and build a green energy vision for Taiwan.

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