Vishakhapatnam Port Authority Invites Tender for O&M of 10 MW Solar Plant for a Period of 1 Year

Vishakhapatnam Port Authority Invites Tender for O&M of 10 MW Solar Plant for a Period of 1 Year

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The Vishakhapatnam port authority has opened a tender for the operation and maintenance (O&M), of a 10-MW solar power project. The contract is valid for one year.


The tender states that bid submissions must be submitted by February 10, 2023. The bid opening date for this tender is February 13. The authority has estimated that the bid amount will exceed Rs 65 lakhs.

Bidders will need to deposit Rs 1.31 lakhs as earnest money. The performance bank guarantee is kept at 3% of the contract price for the successful bidder. For Rs 10 lakhs, a solvency certificate must be provided by a scheduled or national bank. The estimated project cost should not exceed 30% of the average turnover for the bidders in the last three years.

An entity must have completed three similar projects in order to meet the qualifications required for bidders. Each project should be at least 40% of the estimated cost of the work over the past 7 years. It may also be able to show that it has executed two similar projects at 50% of the estimated work cost or one work at 80 percent of the estimated work cost.

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The tender document states that the bidders must have experience in the execution of supply, erection and testing of a Solar Project with a minimum of 1MW of capacity with grid connectivity. The bidder must also have completed an O&M project with a minimum of 5MW of solar project connected by grid.

According to the tender, the successful bidder will need to be responsible for measuring the sun’s radiation and other climatic conditions necessary to determine the performance of the solar power plant. The contractor or successful bidder will also be responsible for estimating and determining the power generation at the plant every day through look-ahead scheduling.

View the tender document here:

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