GreenYellow and Axian Launch 1.8 MW Solar Power Plant in Madagascar’s Sava Region


The French independent power producer (IPP) GreenYellow and Malagasy group Axian have put a solar photovoltaic plant in service in the Sava region of Madagascar. Located in the municipality of Antalaha, the solar plant has a capacity of 1.8 MW.


The Antalaha solar plant is developed by Green Energy Solutions (GES Madagascar), the joint venture between Axian and GreenYellow. The facility have an estimated output of 3 GWh per year and the clean power genrated will be fed to the local grid.


According to GreenYellow, the Antalaha solar power plant is the latest to be commissioned in the batch of three solar projects developed in the Sava region by the company. The solar PV plant joins the New Energy Africa (NEA) Morondava plant for a total installed capacity of 6 MW. The group of these plants provides green, local, and economic energy to the population and businesses located in the immediate vicinity of the projects.

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The GreenYellow-Axian joint venture is also building hybrid solar power projects in the localities of Vohémar and Sambava in Sava region. These facilities, which include battery energy storage and backup generators, are being developed under long-term power purchase agreements (PPAs) with the state-owned electricity and water service provider JIRAMA.


In Madagascar, only 33% of the total population has access to electricity with only 5% in the rural areas, according to the World Bank’ data. Through demonstration and replication of these successful mini-solar projects, the private power producers look to enhance the resilience of the power sector in the country by diversifying away from coal-powered plants and reducing the cost of power generation.

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