UAE’s Minister Al Jaber Urges Government To Triple Renewable Energy Capacity By 2040

A file photo of Dr. Sultan bin Ahmed Al Jaber is the Minister of Industry and Advanced Technology at Berlin Energy Transition Dialogue Conference 2023

Masdar will allow the UAE to grow its renewable energy portfolio by four times, from the current 25,000 megawatts to more than 100 gigawatts by 2030. Dr. Sultan bin Ahmed Al Jaber is the Minister of Industry and Advanced Technology and President-Designate for COP28.


He delivered a keynote address at the Berlin Energy Transition Dialogue Conference 2023. He invited global and German companies to collaborate with the UAE in order to develop commercial renewable energy projects across the globe.

He highlighted the UAE’s accomplishments, saying that the UAE had built three of the most expensive single-site solar power plants in the world.


The UAE will host the COP28 climate change conference later in the year. The Minister of UAE stressed that the UAE would do this with a commitment to really correct the course and make meaningful, practical, and transformative progress.


He stated that the Inter-governmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) last week sent a clear message to the world and warned that it is losing the race for keeping temperatures from rising 1.5 degrees above preindustrial levels.

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“We have a limited window of opportunity to make major course corrections. We have time but must act now. By 2030, we must reduce our emissions by 43%. Al Jaber stated that we must make these cuts while still meeting the energy demands of a growing population by half a million by 2030.

He said that there was no one-size fits all solution. Therefore, it is important to investigate every option, such as renewables, nuclear, hydrogen, or carbon capture.

Al Jaber called on the government to triple renewable energy capacity in 7 years and expand it six times by 2040. “That’s 250,000 terawatt, which is a huge target.”

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