Relifoods Partners With GreenYellow Vietnam To Install Rooftop Solar Power Systems

A file photo of Relifoods partners with GreenYellow Vietnam for sustainable energy transition

Relifoods Food Joint Stock Company, a leading agricultural products enterprise in Vietnam, has announced its commitment to sustainable development by investing in rooftop solar power systems through GreenYellow Vietnam. The company produces IQF vegetables and fruits, freeze-dried, and packed products, which are directly distributed to key customers around the world, including America, Europe, Japan, and Korea.


By partnering with GreenYellow Vietnam, Relifoods aims to reduce its carbon footprint and meet the environmental requirements of its global customers. The company’s move towards renewable energy sources is part of a wider trend in the industry, with suppliers putting pressure on their distributors to adopt green practices.

GreenYellow Vietnam is proud to support Relifoods in its efforts to optimize energy costs and reduce greenhouse gas emissions. Through this investment, Relifoods is demonstrating its commitment to becoming one of the leading green supply chains in Vietnam.


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