Philippines Seeks Collaboration With Chile And Qatar In Renewable Energy

A file photo of Philippines Seeks Collaboration With Chile And Qatar In Renewable Energy

President Ferdinand R. Marcos Jr. expects enhanced partnerships with Chile and Qatar in various areas of cooperation as he welcomed Thursday the two countries’ new ambassadors to the Philippines.


In welcoming Chilean Ambassador Alvaro Domingo Jara Bucarey at Malacañang Palace, President Marcos said the two countries could work together on disaster response, climate change, energy security as well as enhanced government-to-government collaboration and public-private partnerships (PPPs).

The Philippines, considered one of the most vulnerable countries to the effects of climate change, is looking at new technologies and best practices around the world to transition from traditional fossil fuels to renewables, the President said.


President Marcos particularly cited the use of geothermal energy, noting that although the Philippines is one of the top producers of geothermal power, the country has to explore other areas as old geothermal sources start to run out.


Ambassador Bucarey told President Marcos that the good thing with Chile is its potential for both solar and geothermal energy like the Philippines and needs new technologies and partners to harness such power sources.

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“With solar energy, we have been able to modify the energy production in Chile. And we would like to see the north of Chile… there is a lot of presence, tourism mostly but they have an immense potential for energy generation,” Bucarey said.

President Marcos was also delighted to be able to explore with the Chilean ambassador some of the new ideas and technologies that are available to both countries, noting the Philippines needs partners as countries slowly redefine their economies for post-Covid and post-Ukraine scenarios.

“So I look forward to that, Mr. Ambassador and I’m very happy that you have come as the envoy from your country and I am sure – I hope that you will get to see some of my country,” the President said.

President Marcos also welcomed Qatar Ambassador Ahmed Saad Nasser Abdullah Al-Hamidi, as he expressed hope that the Philippines could work closely with the Gulf country.

The chief executive said he admires Qatar as it transformed its economy and moved away from the traditional sources of revenue to new income sources with a very clear understanding of the future.

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It will be a great advantage to the Philippines if it can learn the best practices from Qatar, especially in the area of revenue and income generation, the President said.

“I think that there are many areas that will provide us opportunities for partnership,” the President told the Qatari ambassador.

Al-Hamidi said his country is willing to work with the Philippines in exploring some of the opportunities that the two countries feel they have great potential through years of vibrant diplomatic relations.

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