Kerala State Electricity Board Proposes Green Power Tariff of ₹2.54 Per Unit

Representational image. Credit: Canva

The Kerala State Electricity Board (KSEB) has put forward a proposal before the Kerala State Electricity Regulatory Commission (KSERC) to introduce a green power tariff for the current financial year. This would be a first for KSEB and is a response to growing consumer demand for renewable energy sources.


The proposed tariff stands at ₹2.54 per unit and is an additional charge on top of the retail supply tariffs already applicable for respective consumer categories.

The green tariff reflects the extra expenditure incurred by KSEB in procuring, banking, storing and supplying green energy round-the-clock. KSEB has also requested that consumers apply at least one year in advance for the tariff and commit to using it for at least one year.


This move is intended to facilitate a rapid transition to a zero-carbon economy, especially in the commercial and industrial segments, where consumers are showing significant interest in switching to renewable energy sources.


The petition has been submitted to the regulatory commission alongside general tariff revision proposals, which are scheduled for public hearings this month.

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