GreenYellow Thailand Secures Two Solar Power Purchase Agreements For 3,219 kWp Capacity

A file photo of GreenYellow Thailand secures two Solar Power Purchase Agreements for 3,219 kWp capacity

GreenYellow Thailand has achieved a significant milestone by securing two Solar Power Purchase Agreements (PPAs) for a total installed capacity of 3,219 kWp. Liang Hah Heng International Rubber has signed a PPA for an installed capacity of 999 kWp, while a plastic recycling company has signed a PPA for a capacity of 2,220 kWp.


This achievement is a testament to the company’s dedication to promoting sustainable energy practices and reducing carbon emissions. GreenYellow Thailand expresses its gratitude to its partners for their trust in the company’s capabilities and expertise.

The new solar projects are expected to make a significant contribution to Thailand’s transition towards a greener and more sustainable energy future. GreenYellow Thailand will continue to work towards its goal of providing affordable and sustainable energy solutions to its partners, customers, and the broader community.


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