Aptech Africa Delivers Solar Hybrid System for UNDP-FAO Offices in Sierra Leone

Representational image. Credit: Canva

Aptech Africa recently completed a project for the UNDP-FAO offices in Sierra Leone, where they designed, supplied, installed, and commissioned a solar hybrid system. This innovative system incorporates a range of high-quality components, including 15.18 kWp of Soleil Power solar panels mounted on the roof, 42.6 kWh of Lithium-Ion battery storage, and a 10KVA Victron Quattro inverter along with Victron Maximum Power Point Tracking charge controllers. The hybrid system efficiently combines energy from solar, the national grid, and a diesel generator.


One of the key features of this installation is the remote monitoring system, which provides real-time information on energy generation, inverter performance, weather conditions, and energy usage. By implementing this solar hybrid system, Aptech Africa aims to support the UNDP-FAO country office in reducing its carbon footprint and contributing to the global Sustainable Development Goals. Moreover, the system ensures a stable power supply for critical IT equipment, eliminating power interruptions and increasing overall productivity.

Additionally, the hybrid system helps to minimize diesel and electricity bills, resulting in significant monthly savings and a faster return on investment. This successful installation allows the FAO staff to access uninterrupted power supply, empowering them to provide crucial developmental support to Sierra Leone and its communities. Aptech Africa’s project not only showcases the potential of solar hybrid solutions within the country but also sets an example for future projects.


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