New Database by SolarPower Europe to Gain Deeper Insights into EU Solar Ambition

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SolarPower Europe announced the launch of an interactive tool called National Energy and Climate Plans (NECPs) database.


Using this database, users can get deeper insights into the  solar ambition of each member country of the EU.


In particular, they can look up:   

  • Know how much solar capacity each EU country has installed 
  • Compare the current market projections with the targets set under NECP
  • Understand the vital challenges unique to each market

As per current market trends and the goals set by NECP, three-quarters of EU countries will achieve the solar targets by 2025 and the remaining by 2027. 

What are NECPs? 

NECPs, introduced in 2019, make it mandatory for EU Member States to publish and implement 10-year plans that outline targets, policies, and measures to achieve the 2030 EU renewable targets. While in 2019, it only aimed for 32% renewables by 2030, the EU has now bumped up the target to 42.5% with an additional 2.5% being considered (subject to the Renewable Energy Directive negotiations).

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Since 2019, the EU solar market has witnessed unprecedented growth. In 2022 alone, over 40 GW of solar capacity was installed, registering a  47% year-on-year increase from the 28 GW installed in 2021.

Importance of NECPs for solar

NECPs play a pivotal role when it comes to solar energy. They are also crucial for shaping EU27 energy policy, fostering a favorable business environment for solar investments in Europe by ensuring greater predictability, more efficiency, and enhanced transparency.

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