Crédit Agricole Egypt And Schneider Electric Collaborate With Gebal For Sustainable Development Projects In Menoufia Villages

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Schneider Electric and Crédit Agricole Egypt Foundation have collaborated with Gebal for Agriculture, Sustainability, and Livelihoods to initiate sustainable development initiatives in the villages of Shubra Qubala and Mit El Qasri, located in Menoufia Governorate. These projects aim to address the interconnected challenges of water, food, and energy in these communities by implementing solar-powered infrastructure such as greenhouses, fishponds, chicken incubators, irrigation pumps, and a compost unit for agricultural waste recycling.


The signing of the Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) took place in the presence of H.E. Marc Baréty, French Ambassador to Egypt, and Lamis Negm, CSR Advisor to the Governor at the Central Bank of Egypt. The MOU was signed by key representatives including Sebastien Riez, Cluster President of Schneider Electric Northeast Africa & Levant, Jean-Pierre Trinelle, Chairman of Crédit Agricole Egypt Foundation and Managing Director of Crédit Agricole Egypt, and Mohsen Nawara, Co-founder and Chairman of the Board of Directors of Gebal for Agriculture, Sustainability, and Livelihoods. The event was attended by sustainability experts, community development specialists, government officials, civil society representatives, and major companies operating in Egypt.

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As per the agreement, the three parties will collaborate on planning, designing, and executing sustainable community development projects in Shubra Qubala and Mit El Qasri villages, aligning with Egypt’s vision of environmental preservation, societal development, and women empowerment. These projects will encompass the establishment of solar-powered greenhouses, fishponds, chicken incubators, and a compost unit for agricultural waste recycling in Mit El Qasri village. Furthermore, a women-operated greenhouse will ensure equal gender representation, with 50% female participation in these initiatives.


In Shubra Qubala village, the provision of three solar-powered irrigation pumps will support farming activities across approximately 700 feddans of land. This innovative technology will not only reduce diesel-related expenses but also enhance overall agricultural quality. The projects are expected to benefit around 26,000 local residents and 700 farmers, significantly boosting crop productivity with the cultivation of approximately 1,600 plant varieties, yielding 40 tons of crops, producing 12,000 hatched eggs per year through chicken incubators, and generating an annual fish output of 3,000 fish. The adoption of solar-powered irrigation pumps will also have a positive environmental impact by reducing carbon emissions by approximately 68 tons annually and saving up to 70% of water consumption.

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Sebastien Riez, Cluster President of Schneider Electric Northeast Africa & Levant, highlighted the company’s commitment to sustainability, stating that the collaboration with Crédit Agricole Egypt Foundation for Development in launching these projects in Menoufia Governorate will comprehensively support local communities, combat climate change, and employ clean energy sources to improve living standards, enhance the energy efficiency, reduce carbon emissions, and achieve sustainable development. Riez expressed enthusiasm for future partnerships, both at the government and private sector levels, to support Egypt’s efforts within the framework of Egypt’s Vision 2030 and make a positive impact on local communities.

Jean-Pierre Trinelle, Chairman of Crédit Agricole Egypt Foundation for Development and Managing Director of Crédit Agricole Egypt, expressed excitement about collaborating with Schneider Electric, emphasizing their shared ambition to empower underprivileged areas and contribute to climate change mitigation. Trinelle emphasized the commitment of the bank to leverage resources and expertise to create sustainable solutions that benefit a large number of beneficiaries while driving positive change in the communities they serve.

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Jean-Pierre Trinelle and Sebastien Riez extend a warm invitation to the private sector and NGOs to join and contribute to upcoming community development projects, with the ultimate goal of expanding their scope to encompass multiple underprivileged areas.

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