Bahrain Implements National Energy Transition Plan To Boost Renewable Energy Resources

Representational image. Credit: Canva

Bahrain has commenced the implementation of its National Energy Transition Plan, with the goal of raising the share of renewable energy in its total electricity generation to 5% by 2025, progressing to 20% by 2035.


The President of the Electricity and Water Authority (EWA), Kamal bin Ahmed Mohammed, emphasized the kingdom’s commitment to diversifying its energy resources and transitioning to sustainable energy in alignment with its COP26 commitments.


The EWA has implemented measures to streamline the connection process for renewable energy applications and has established criteria for the enrollment of consultants and contractors involved in distributed renewable energy resources.


Stringent technical standards have been adopted to ensure the quality of equipment and components used in renewable energy systems. Collaboration with the Information and e-Government Authority has facilitated the digitization of renewable energy applications, simplifying and expediting the process.

To date, over 180 successful installations, totalling more than 38 MW, have been connected to the EWA’s electricity distribution network, with an anticipated additional installation of over 150 MW by 2026.

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