India Unveils List of Critical Minerals to Drive Clean Energy Initiatives

Representational image. Credit: Canva

The Indian government unveiled a list of 30 minerals deemed critical for driving its clean energy initiatives, reports Reuters. The list includes minerals like nickel, titanium, vanadium, and tungsten. This comes after the government had previously identified 12 strategic minerals, including lithium, which is essential for electric vehicle batteries. Notably, lithium reserves were discovered earlier this year in the Jammu and Kashmir region.


To expedite the process, the government has urged Jammu and Kashmir to organize lithium auctions promptly. Furthermore, they express optimism about uncovering additional lithium reserves in the region later this year. The identified minerals play a vital role in India’s pursuit of cleaner technologies in various sectors such as electronics, telecommunications, transport, and defense.

Minister Pralhad Joshi has stated that the government intends to introduce a policy framework covering exploration, processing, utilization, and recycling of critical minerals. Additionally, India recently joined the Minerals Security Partnership (MSP), a multinational initiative led by the United States. This collaboration aims to establish robust supply chains for critical energy minerals. India has also forged alliances with resource-rich countries like Australia, Argentina, and Chile to secure key minerals, such as lithium and cobalt. These endeavors align with India’s goal of becoming a net zero emitter of greenhouse gases by 2070.


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