Cambodia’s Minister Of Mines And Energy Highlights The Importance Of Rooftop Solar Power For Growth

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Rooftop solar power will play a vital role in fulfilling the Kingdom’s growth ambitions and carbon neutrality goals, according to Suy Sem, the Minister of Mines and Energy.


The recently issued rules, discussed during the high-level forum on the Principles for Permitting the Use of Rooftop Solar Power in Cambodia, prioritize rooftop solar power and simplify the installation process for consumers connected to the national power grid.

The new regulations also exempt solar power users with permits obtained through the quota system from paying higher electricity bills compared to non-solar customers.


Cambodia has emerged as a regional leader in renewable energy adoption, with electricity generation from renewable sources increasing from 10 MW in 2017 to 436.8 MW by the end of 2022.

The Power Development Masterplan aims to achieve a total of 1,005 MW of green energy by 2030 and 3,155 MW by 2040. The government emphasizes the importance of small and medium enterprises transitioning to solar energy.

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With 97.6% of Cambodian households having access to electricity, rooftop solar power is recognized as a valuable solution, particularly in rural areas where off-grid solutions, including solar home systems, are prevalent.

The country is collaborating with various international organizations, such as the United Nations and the Asian Development Bank, to further promote sustainable energy options in Cambodia.

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