Huawei GreenBay, in Collaboration with Solarvest and Centexs, Unveils HyperScale Green Data Center Testbed and Training Initiative


Solarvest Borneo Sdn Bhd, a subsidiary of clean energy leader Solarvest Holdings Berhad, has formalized a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) in collaboration with the Centre for Technology Excellence Sarawak (CENTEXS), Huawei Technologies (Malaysia) Sdn Bhd (Huawei Malaysia), and GreenBay CES Sdn Bhd (GreenBay). This strategic partnership represents a significant stride toward nurturing the hyperscale green data center industry within the Borneo region. The MOU signing ceremony took place at MINTRED CONNECTS 2023 BEIJING, with the esteemed presence of Sarawak’s Ministry of International Trade, Industry, and Investment (MINTRED) and Ministry of Education, Innovation, and Talent Development (MEITD).


This partnership, harnessing the unique strengths and expertise of each participant, is dedicated to establishing a cutting-edge hyperscale green data center testbed and comprehensive training program in Sarawak. This initiative is poised to ignite collaborative research and development, fostering the creation of intellectual property in the realm of clean energy solutions.

Solarvest Borneo will contribute its profound knowledge in green energy and energy efficiency solutions, CENTEXS will furnish a designated testbed area for hands-on data center operational training, while Huawei Malaysia will bring its technological prowess in cloud computing, enterprise intelligence, renewable energy, and data centers to support the educational aspects of the program. In parallel, GreenBay will offer its specialized insights into constructing future-proofed data centers in a cost-effective manner.

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Collectively, these four entities aspire to champion environmental responsibility by establishing hyperscale data centers designed to diminish carbon footprints and maximize resource utilization. Ultimately, the objective of this initiative is to elevate the sustainability, dependability, and efficiency of data services.

Director of Solarvest Borneo, Mr. Leon Liew Chee Ing (刘骐英) stated, “Given the Malaysian Government’s focus on data centres within the digital ecosystem development, our green data centre testbed and training program are poised to set the benchmark for environmentally responsible hyperscale data centres.”

“Leveraging on Solarvest’s expertise in green energy and energy efficiency solutions, we are positioned to play a pivotal role in creating environmentally conscious and energy-efficient data centres. Our strategy incorporates renewable energy sources, cutting-edge cooling methods, and efficient server designs, all contributing to a substantial reduction in energy consumption and emissions,” Mr. Leon added.

Chief Executive Officer of CENTEXS, Tuan Haji Syeed Mohd Hussien Wan Abdul Rahman highlighted, “We are delighted to offer a learning arena dedicated to nurturing the skills of Sarawak’s emerging generation. The data centre testbed provides valuable hands-on exposure for students, professionals, and researchers eager to delve into the intricacies of data centre operations, management, and maintenance. Within this controlled environment, participants can acquire insights into data center management spanning server deployment, cooling strategies, energy monitoring, and security protocols.”

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Vice President of Digital Power Business Unit of Huawei Malaysia, Mr. Chong Chern Peng (张振鹏) said, “Huawei Malaysia is excited to collaborate in this venture with a focus on the sustainable, simplified, and reliable characteristics within the domain of data centers. As environmental awareness grows, the adoption of green practices to mitigate the ecological impact of data centers is increasing. This partnership aims to jointly explore and develop prospects in cloud computing, enterprise intelligence, renewable energy, and data centers. Huawei Malaysia is dedicated to enhancing Malaysia’s clean energy ecosystem through our digital and sustainable green technology solutions. Leveraging our extensive expertise as a leading global ICT solutions provider, we are committed to addressing market needs and nurturing local talent in solar and battery technologies. We are delighted to join forces with the Sarawak Government to further their clean energy aspirations,” added Mr. Chong.

Director of GreenBay, Mr. Nic Chong Lin Kong (张粦光) said, “Being a forward-thinking leader in constructing future-proofed data centres and sustainable energy facilities, we provide a comprehensive array of services and solutions, from inception to maintenance, with a primary focus on enhancing total cost efficiency. In response to the escalating data generation, the significance of hyperscale data centres become imperative to accommodate the expanding storage and processing requirements. Designed to manage enormous data volumes, hyperscale data centres effectively cater to the escalating demands of cloud computing, IoT, AI, and big data analytics. This scale advantage fosters economies of scale, driving down costs per computation and storage unit. The incorporation of multiple redundancies and failover mechanisms ensures unparalleled availability and reliability, subsequently reducing instances of downtime. Remarkably, hyperscale centres are capable of real-time processing of vast data quantities, facilitating advanced analytics and insights.”

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This collaboration aligns seamlessly with Solarvest’s ambitious 5-Year strategic roadmap, aimed at solidifying its position as a pioneering force in regenerative clean energy. The extensive partnership forged among CENTEXS, Huawei Malaysia, Solarvest Borneo, and Greenbay underscores their shared dedication to propelling the hyperscale green data center industry forward, where sustainability and innovation come together in harmony.

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