Hashemite University Launches Solar Energy Development Project In Jordan

rows of solar modules in photovoltaic power station
Representational image. Credit: Canva

The Hashemite University in Jordan has inaugurated a project aimed at developing solar energy systems. The objective is to modernize and enhance the efficiency of the university’s energy projects while employing smart and modern maintenance systems. This pioneering project in Jordan is leveraging cutting-edge technologies to improve productivity and ensure long-term sustainability.


The significance of this solar energy system development project at Hashemite University lies in its status as a leading institution in renewable energy initiatives. By advancing its energy infrastructure, the university aims to set an example and bolster its competitiveness locally and regionally. These projects also align with the university’s commitment to sustainable development, utilizing solar energy to fulfil its needs and elevating its standing both locally and regionally.


Moreover, this project will provide valuable data for researchers and energy enthusiasts interested in scientific and academic research. It will offer a contemporary training platform for students to enroll in relevant courses.

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The Hashemite University has a broader plan to modernize energy projects, encompassing solar energy facilities, energy auditing initiatives (including smart meters installation in buildings), and the installation of smart electric vehicle chargers to serve the university’s staff and students.

The Renewable Energy Center is actively fostering collaboration between academic, research, and practical activities. Additionally, it will announce a scholarship program in partnership with specialized companies, offering 40 training hours to four students to further promote renewable energy education and practical experience.

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