Iberdrola Achieves Milestone with Completion of Spain’s 64 MW Hybrid Wind-Solar Plant

Representational image. Credit: Canva

Iberdrola has successfully completed the construction of Spain’s first hybrid wind and solar photovoltaic plant, a 74 MW installation located in Burgos. This project combines over 120,000 photovoltaic modules with the existing BaCa-Ballestas and Casetona wind power complex. 


With a local focus, the project has contributed to regional economic revitalization, providing employment for 360 professionals and an investment of over €40 million. Iberdrola aims to further invest in this innovative technology to enhance renewable resources and maximize the potential of existing locations, promoting stable, efficient, and environmentally friendly energy production. Hybrid generation plants like this reduce environmental impact, ensuring a sustainable future for rural communities. 


Recognizing such initiatives, Iberdrola recently honored the Burgos town council of Revilla Vallejera with the CONVIVE Award. Additionally, Iberdrola is actively involved in wind farm projects, such as Valdemoro and Buniel, contributing to the region’s renewable energy landscape. In the province of Burgos alone, the company is developing over 550 MW across seven wind farms, and it is progressing with two additional photovoltaic facilities, Velilla and Virgen de Areños III, totaling 400 MW. 

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Last year, Iberdrola inaugurated its first photovoltaic plant in the region, Revilla Vallejera (50 MW), and recently completed the construction of the Villarino photovoltaic plant (50 MW) in Salamanca.

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