UNDP Initiates Tender For Solar Projects In Yemen

Representational image. Credit: Canva

The UN Development Programme (UNDP) has initiated a series of competitive bids for the procurement, setup, and activation of four distinct solar project categories in Yemen. Power producers have until October 30 to present their proposals.


These projects are segmented into four categories:


Category 1: Standalone solar PV systems with capacities ranging from 0.5 KW to 45 KW, with a minimum module requirement of 540 W.


Category 2: A comprehensive solar street lighting initiative that encompasses lanterns and torches.

Category 3: Solar-powered water pumping systems.

Category 4: On-surface PV systems with installed capacities spanning from 20 KW to 300 KW.

The “all-in-two” solar street lighting system (Lot 2) involves an “LED luminary (LED, MPPT, and a battery of specified capacity)” in addition to mono-crystalline or polycrystalline PV modules mounted on top of lighting poles. It also necessitates “module mounting structures and brackets” to support continuous operation from dusk till dawn, as specified in the Lot 2 tender documentation.

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For the solar-powered water pumping system (Lot 3), a module capacity of at least 540 W is mandated, employing mono-crystalline or polycrystalline half-cell and n-type PV panels, with the option of bifacial technology. The module voltage should not be less than 1,000 VDC, as stipulated in the Lot 3 tender document.

Regarding the final category, the 20 KW to 300 KW on-grid or PV-diesel solar systems (Lot 4), a module capacity of 540 W is required, featuring mono-crystalline or polycrystalline panels and half-cell n-type PV panels, in accordance with the Lot 4 tender documents.

All projects are expected to be completed within 120 days after signing.

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