From Research to Reality: SolaX Power’s Technological Advancements in Solar Inverters – Vipin Bhardwaj Country Manager India SolaX Power

Vipin Bhardwaj - Country Manager - India SolaX Power

1. Can you provide an overview of SolaX Power’s product lineup in the solar inverter sector and highlight some key features that set your products apart from competitors?


SolaX Power is a global leader in solar solutions, with headquarters in Hangzhou, China, and branches worldwide, we serve over 80 countries, In India we are operating with Multiple Sales and Service Centers in different regions of India. SolaX is offering high-efficiency, reliable, and technologically advanced solar solutions for a sustainable energy future Our extensive product range includes residential, commercial, and industrial-grade On-grid and Hybrid inverters from 0.6 KW to 150 KW and Li-ion batteries. Notably, our solutions are seamlessly integrated with the latest features like AFCI and night time Reactive Power Compensation and all inverters come with 16 A current capacity per string which makes us a preferred choice of the EPCs and Developers.


2. With the renewable energy market evolving rapidly, how does SolaX Power ensure that its product offerings remain innovative and aligned with the changing needs of the Indian market?

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We stay ahead in the renewable energy market by continually investing in R&D. Our global presence allows us to glean insights from diverse markets and incorporate them into our products. We closely monitor industry trends, listen to the evolving needs of the Indian market, and adapt our solutions accordingly, ensuring our solar products remain at the forefront of innovation.

3. SolaX Power recently showcased its products at a major industry event. Can you tell us about the products you highlighted and the audience’s response to them?

We have showcased our flagship on-grid inverters from 3KW to 150KW and hybrid inverters from 3 KW to 15 KW in recent industry events, recognized for their pivotal role in shaping the future of solar energy in the India Market. Attendees were particularly impressed by their design and robustness, advanced features, and seamless integration with unpredictable Grid Conditions, further solidifying our reputation as a trusted and innovative brand in the Indian solar market.

4. What strategies does SolaX Power employ to effectively communicate the company’s core values, mission, and achievements during company showcases or exhibitions?

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Our strategies during exhibitions encompass interactive displays, comprehensive product demonstrations, and informative seminars. We SolaX, engage visitors by showcasing our commitment to sustainability, our journey, and our milestones. Our strong digital presence on social media and our website ensures that our core values, mission, and achievements reach a wider audience, emphasizing our dedication to a cleaner future.

5. SolaX Power has a reputation for technological advancements. Can you elaborate on any recent technological updates or breakthroughs that have been integrated into your solar inverter solutions?

We SolaX brings technological advancements including the integration of Smart Features i.e.  I-V Curve Scanning, Higher Current (16 A) Per Sting and capabilities into our inverters to integrate with High Fluctuation in Grid. This groundbreaking feature enhances safety and grid stability during voltage fluctuations, contributing to grid reliability and renewable energy integration. Additionally, our products now incorporate AI-based predictive maintenance, reducing system downtime, and ensuring long-term reliability for solar systems. These innovations underscore our commitment to cutting-edge technology in the solar inverter sector.

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6. How does SolaX Power stay informed about policy changes and adapt its strategies to ensure continued success in the Indian market?

To navigate policy changes effectively, we maintain proactive engagement with industry associations and government bodies. This approach allows us to anticipate regulatory updates and adapt our strategies swiftly, ensuring compliance and seizing emerging opportunities. Our ability to stay informed and agile positions us for continued success in the dynamic Indian solar market.

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