Pakistan’s WAPDA Invites Bids for 300MW Floating Solar Plant in Tarbela – Barotha Hydropower Complex


The Water and Power Development Authority of Pakistan (WAPDA) has issued a tender notice inviting proposals for the design, installation, commissioning, and testing of a substantial 300MW Floating Solar Plant. The project is to be located within the Tarbela – Barotha Hydropower Complex in Pakistan.


Key points to note for interested bidders:


A. Bid Security: Prospective bidders must provide a bid security of USD 4,500,000, which is refundable and represents a vital component of the total bid value. Failure to furnish this security may lead to disqualification.


B. Review of Tender Notice: It is imperative that all potential bidders visit the official websites of WAPDA to thoroughly review the tender notice.

C. Manufacturer Requirements: Bidders must meet specific criteria, including a prerequisite of 5 years of design and manufacturing experience and 3 years of successful and continuous operational experience in the relevant field.

D. Pricing Details: Bidders are required to provide pricing information for the project on an FOB/C&F/CIF basis, with delivery to Karachi. This should encompass the complete turnkey project for Pakistan.

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E. Local Services: The tender notice suggests that local services, such as civil work, erection, testing, commissioning, and fabrication, can be arranged for the project by the WAPDA.

F. Cost of Tender Documents: A fee of US$40 for the tender documents is to be submitted in the form of a bank draft or pay order, made out to “Chief Engineer / Project Director, Tarbela 5th Ext HP, Pakistan.”

For those interested in participating, an authority letter, company profile, and the aforementioned bank draft must be submitted both by email and through courier to the following address:

Chief Engineer / Project Director T5 HP
Tarbela Dam, Tahsil Ghazi, District Haripur, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, Pakistan
Tel: 92 995350004
Websites: /

These documents are necessary for the purchase, collection, and submission of the tender documents and the offer. Without the mentioned documents, interested parties may not be able to access the tender details.

This tender represents a significant opportunity in Pakistan’s renewable energy sector and aligns with the nation’s ongoing efforts to expand its clean energy infrastructure. The floating solar plant in the Tarbela – Barotha Hydropower Complex is poised to make a substantial contribution to the country’s energy mix and sustainability goals.

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View the tender notice below:

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