Lightsource BP and Conway Corp Unveil 135-Megawatt Solar Farm in Arkansas, Marking a Sustainable Energy Milestone


In a momentous celebration, Lightsource BP and Conway Corp joined hands to unveil the remarkable 135-megawatt Conway Solar at Happy project in White County, Arkansas. This venture promises to revolutionize the local energy landscape while embracing environmental sustainability and supporting the community. The solar farm, born from a Power Purchase Agreement with Lightsource bp, is expected to yield sufficient clean energy to power a staggering 21,000 households.


Conway Corp’s Chief Executive Officer, Bret Carroll, expressed his pride in the project’s successful completion, commenting, “Work on this project began in 2019 and it is one of the most significant projects for Conway Corp since our incorporation in 1929. I’m proud of the team that worked on this project and the way it fulfils key parts of our mission by providing reliable and environmentally sound electricity to our community. I also appreciate our partnership with Lightsource BP, they have been great partners from the very beginning.”

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The Conway Solar project, financed and operated by Lightsource BP, represents a remarkable $125 million private capital investment in Arkansas’s clean energy infrastructure. This initiative will not only produce emissions-free energy but also foster pollinator conservation in the region. Collaborating with the Arkansas Monarch Conservation Partnership, Lightsource BP and Conway Corp have established a five-acre native pollinator garden within the solar farm, featuring 46 varieties of Arkansas native plants. This garden serves as a vital habitat and a nectar source for at-risk monarch butterflies and other pollinators that play a crucial role in supporting the local food supply.


Emilie Wangerman, interim Chief Operating Officer at Lightsource bp USA, commented on the broader vision behind the project, “At Lightsource bp, we believe that a solar farm can be so much more than an energy facility. By sharing in this vision, our partners at Conway Corp are bringing a host of benefits to their community, from affordable energy to ecosystem health, economic development and beyond.”

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Key advantages of the Conway Solar project extend beyond clean energy generation, including:

Clean Energy Generation: The project contributes to Conway Corp’s diverse energy mix, supporting its mission to deliver safe, affordable, and reliable services to customers.

Healthier Air: Conway Solar at Happy furthers Conway Corp’s commitment to providing environmentally sound services by abating a remarkable 162,800 metric tons of CO2 emissions annually, equivalent to taking 35,400 fuel-burning cars off the road for cleaner air.

Economic Growth: During its construction phase, the solar project generated employment opportunities for 300 individuals, fostering economic growth in the region.

Supporting Domestic Manufacturers: The project showcases a commitment to supporting domestic manufacturers, utilizing 295,000 solar modules from Arizona-based First Solar, smart solar trackers from New Mexico-based Array Technologies, and steel sourced from Attala Steel in Mississippi.

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