Serco’s Gauteng Facility Achieves Full Solar Energy Reliance For Sustainable Manufacturing

Representational image. Credit: Canva

Serco, a company specializing in truck and trailer body-building, has achieved full reliance on solar energy at its facility in Boksburg, Gauteng.


The setup includes a 150 kW hybrid solar system with 370 x 405 W solar panels, along with high-voltage inverters and 320 kW of batteries. This accomplishment follows the implementation of solar power at Serco’s Durban factory in 2019, resulting in substantial carbon emissions savings.


The Durban system provides power during the day, switching to the grid at night, reducing electricity costs by up to 75%. The Boksburg system offers constant 24-hour power, eliminating the need for a generator and reducing diesel usage.


Serco plans to implement solar power at its Cape Town location in the near future as part of its commitment to environmental sustainability and responsible manufacturing. CEO Clinton Holcroft highlights the company’s dedication to addressing environmental challenges.

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