Sungrow Unveils EMS3000 Energy Management System Solution During All Energy Australia 2023


Sungrow, the global leading inverter and energy storage system supplier, introduced its EMS3000 energy management system solution at All Energy Australia 2023.


As the “brain” of the energy storage system, EMS3000 adopts an integrated design of software and hardware. GW-level data access and analysis and MS-level dispatch response enable panoramic monitoring, smart dispatch, and auxiliary grid formation of energy storage power plants. The EMS3000 dispatch allows the energy storage system to fit into various business models such as auxiliary grid services, spot power trading, peak and valley arbitrage, and demand control to increase revenues. It can also monitor grid status data in real-time and control the charge/discharge of energy storage devices, help stabilize the voltage and frequency of the power system, and actively participate in grid formation to support the stable operation of the grid.


EMS3000 also has an AI battery cell diagnosis function that provides 24-hour early warning of battery cell thermal runaway to ensure safe and stable operation. In terms of information security, EMS3000 adopts triple-layer encryption that covers the cloud, transmission, and device terminals, achieving zero data leakage throughout the process. In addition, the product has passed international information security certifications such as IEC 62443 4-1.

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EMS3000 is applicable to various ESS scenarios, including the systems on the power generation side, the grid side, and the user side. To date, EMS3000 has been installed in various energy storage power plants around the world, covering Europe, Australia, South America, Asia-Pacific, and other regions, with a total capacity of more than 10 GWh.

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