Solar Power Brightens Homes In Iraq’s Mountain Villages Amidst Electricity Shortages

rows of solar modules in photovoltaic power station
Representational image. Credit: Canva

In the mountainous region of Iraqi Kurdistan, a small village is embracing solar power, a growing trend in Iraq where electricity is in short supply.


Many homes in this village have installed solar panels, providing electricity for various needs such as refrigeration, television, and more.


Despite Iraq’s substantial oil wealth, the country struggles to meet the energy demands of its 43 million residents due to conflicts, corruption, and aging infrastructure.


Solar energy could offer a solution, given Iraq’s abundant sunshine, but the transition away from fossil fuels remains a challenge, especially as the nation prepares for the COP28 climate talks in Dubai.

While some areas are adopting solar power, it’s not yet widespread in the country. In Sulaymaniyah, the second-largest city in the Kurdish region, only a fraction of households use solar panels.

Iraq has significant solar potential, but renewable energy adoption lags behind, with the majority of electricity still coming from fossil fuels. Authorities aim to increase green energy use to one-third of the country’s needs by 2030, but this goal faces obstacles in implementation.

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