Research and Markets Releases Report on India’s Floating Solar Sector in the Next Wave of Renewable Energy

Representation Photo: Floating PV solar project

ResearchAndMarkets Introduces the ‘Floating Solar Projects in India 2023’ Report, a Comprehensive Analysis of the Growing Trends, Opportunities, and Technology in India’s Floating Solar Market


Floating solar, a pivotal segment in the solar industry, is experiencing robust growth with numerous large-scale projects in the pipeline. Driven by concerns over land availability and synergies with hydropower and thermal power projects, floating solar initiatives are increasingly favored by both public and private sector entities.


This report offers a high-level analysis of the evolving landscape, covering growth and technology trends, market dynamics, cost considerations, and the future outlook for floating solar in India. Key aspects include insights into potential, growth trends, technology advancements, plans of public and private sector players, major tenders and projects, project pipeline status, cost and tariff trends, key industry insights, case studies of recent projects, and a forward-looking perspective.


Additionally, the accompanying Excel dataset provides a comprehensive list of commissioned, announced, and under-implementation floating solar projects, featuring details on project developers, locations, applications, capacities, technology suppliers, and project statuses to offer up-to-date information.”

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Key Topics Covered:

1. Summary and Key Insights

2. Potential and Growth Trends

  • Overview
  • Potential Estimation
  • Key Trends
  • Growth Drivers

3. Technologies, Design and O&M

  • Key Floating Platform Technologies
  • Design of Floating Solar Projects
  • Major Equipment
  • O&M Considerations

4. Key Players and Projects

  • Recent Tender Results
  • Upcoming Auctions
  • Key Players
  • Developers
  • Contractors
  • Technology Suppliers
  • Case Studies

5. Cost Considerations

  • Recent Tariff Trends
  • Cost Considerations
  • Comparison With Other Solar Technologies

6. Pipeline and Outlook

  • Project Pipeline
  • Key Issues and Challenges
  • The Way Forward

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