Sungrow Hits 20 GW Shipment in India: Providing Pioneer PV Inverters for a Sustainable Future


Sungrow, the global leading PV inverter and energy storage system supplier, reached a significant milestone in India, having shipped a cumulative total of 20 GW of photovoltaic inverters in the region. This achievement highlights Sungrow’s position as a leading provider of clean energy solutions in India.


India, a country with vast solar energy potential, has long been a key market for Sungrow. Sungrow entered the Indian market in 2014 and established an Indian branch, along with three offices in New Delhi, Mumbai, and Bengaluru. It is worth noting that Sungrow also established its India manufacturing facility with 10 GW in annual production capacity, and has completed five years of manufacturing in India, which displays the positive impact of Sungrow participation in the “Make in India” initiative and offering more local job opportunities.


Sungrow’s 20 GW milestone is a testament to the Company’s strong commitment to meeting India’s growing demand for clean energy. Sungrow’s photovoltaic inverters are at the forefront of solar technology, efficiently converting solar energy into electricity to power homes and businesses across the country, for instance, the innovative “1+X” modular central inverter and the new generation 320kW string inverter etc. have quickly increased Sungrow’s market share.

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“At Sungrow, we hope to create a sustainable world by providing innovative and reliable clean energy solutions,” said Sunil Badesra, Country Head of Sungrow India. “We are proud of our achievements in India and look forward to continuing our partnership with local enterprises and communities to promote clean energy and reduce carbon emissions.”

Sungrow has been actively engaged in India’s burgeoning solar energy sector. It has already reached several GW of partnerships with Indian power giants, such as TATA Power, Adani Green, Renew Power, Azure Power, O2 Power, Mahindra, ACME, S&W, L&T, and others. 

In addition, Sungrow actively participates in the formulation of renewable energy policies and standards within Indian government departments, conducting extensive research and development in clean energy technology in collaboration with local universities and scientific research institutions, as well as other public service activities, according to Sunil.

Sungrow remains committed to expanding its presence in India and other global markets. The Company will continue to innovate and offer advanced clean energy solutions tailored to meet each region’s specific needs. Sungrow will also help India achieve 50% renewable energy electricity by 2030, a substantial increase from 38% in 2020 with partners.

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