“Raychem RPG Is The Pioneer In Energy Storage Systems Which Is The Key For Ensuring Dispatchable Solar Energy”


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In Conversation with Mr. Nitin Sharma, Vice President – Energy (Head-EMS), Raychem RPG

Raychem RPG has a huge varied portfolio of offerings for solar sector. Can you give us more insights on it?


Raychem RPG is the pioneer in Energy Storage Systems which is the key for ensuring dispatchable solar energy. The company has a wide range of products for Solar and Energy Storage Systems. The FIRST MW Scale Project integrated with solar power and back-up diesel generator for supplying firm power to power electronics manufacturing line was deployed and commissioned by Raychem RPG in March 2018.


Raychem RPG has set-up a new manufacturing facility in India for bi-directional inverters for energy storage integration. This facility produces power conversion systems for global supplies.

To add to this, I would also like to mention that Raychem RPG is also the leader in supply of multi-winding solar transformers with over 6 GW of supplies for solar projects in India. We innovated multi-winding transformers and kept pace with the evolution of solar inverters and emerging requirements for solar developers.

Moreover, Raychem RPG’s flagship products for connection and insulation systems ensure safety, security and longevity of solar fields. All these products are designed and manufactured with 25 years of life time, as required for solar projects. We supply Cable jointing and termination kits, transformer connection systems, safety products and equipment, surge & lightening arrestors, string combiner box, to name some.

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As Solar storage is the current buzzword in the solar industry and Raychem RPG being the pioneer in this segment, what would be the demand outlook for the storage products in 2019?

Year 2019 is turning out to be the transformational year for energy storage and solar segments. There are three key levers that are working together to create and integrate energy storage with solar markets in India

a. Government Policies – Government has come out with FAME-2 for electric mobility, as well as, the Energy Storage Mission and CERC amendment for demand side management for utilities. It is also working with utilities for adoption of future business model along with focus on overall improvement of utility’s financials. Many pilot and demonstration projects are planned to set the base for long term business model for industry players and developers

b. Market Dynamics – Growing adoption of energy storage globally has demonstrated that it is not limited to just one application. The dispatchable power along with multitude of use cases can create business models for developers and utilities to push for hybrid solar + storage or RE + storage projects

c. Technology Maturity – There have been several projects globally to demonstrate the actual working of energy storage system with the grid and load sub-systems that gives relevant data points for developers to contain their risk and build credible business models.

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Another important factor is that the Battery production is attaining economies of scale leading into supply chain stabilization and passing on the benefits to the customers.

Raychem RPG has done Strategic Technology Partnership with various companies. Can you tell us more about this?

Raychem RPG has done technology collaboration with Dynapower, a global leader in energy storage products and technologies with over 500+ MW of storage projects deployed globally. Raychem RPG collaboration with Dynapower addresses three major areas:

a. Manufacturing of power conversion systems in India – These products are customized and stabilized for Indian environment while ensuring global standards. This ensures that the customers doing projects in India and other countries get the benefits of complete technical, commissioning and warranty support from Raychem RPG’s established service network. As the products are 100% localized, there are no global supply chain dependencies and can provides faster customer service

b. Global product supplies – Products manufactured at Raychem RPG’s facility in Halol, Gujarat are exported   across the world that ensures that the products are of global standard

c. Development of next generation products – The technical team from Raychem RPG and Dynapower collaborate together in developing next generation products for the world.

How do you manage to provide quality after sales service to your prestigious customer base?

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Raychem RPG has a fairly well evolved 3R concept for customer service – Reliable, Responsive and Receptive. The company has Pan-India service presence to ensure that customers get First Time Right Service with complete life cycle promise for their investments.

Raychem RPG is also one of the very few companies to have attained excellence level of TPM that ensures that all the products manufactured and/or supplied by us are quality products and delivered to customer sites on time.

How the solar industry will evolve in the next 2 years?

Renewable energy is showing growing adoption globally and the next frontier is dispatchable renewable energy that is driving the growing adoption of energy storage. Renewable percentage of the overall energy consumption will keep showing the upward trend. We also see that the consumers will start driving further adoption of Green energy.

Utilities across the world are remodelling their business models to become more service oriented and giving options to consumers to drive new energy consumption patterns. Energy as a domain and infrastructure is expected to evolve at break-neck speed in the next two years and keep all major players in the domain on their toes.

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