MSMA Demands No Grid Support Charges on Power Generated from Solar Rooftops for Captive Consumption

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Maharashtra Solar Manufacturers Association (MSMA) has demanded for no grid support charges on power generated from solar rooftops for captive consumption. The association comprising of approximately 450m members has stated that the banked solar power units may be charged at nominal rates of upto Rs. 1 per unit, according to a news media report.


In its argument MSMA stated that if grid support charges are levied on total units of power generated from solar rooftop, then the cost of solar rooftop unit will be higher than the cost of electricity supplied by MSEDCL. In a memorandum submitted to the competent authorities, MSMA expressed concern that no one will install solar rooftops if grid support charges are levied on power generated from solar rooftop.

According to a news report, the association further highlighted that no state electricity regulatory commission has approved for such grid support charges for net metering systems anywhere in India, and if this charge is approved in Maharashtra then it is against the spirit of natural justice.

Also solar manufacturers brought to light many on-ground realities to support their stance, saying that the consumer uses their rooftop for installation of solar rooftop systems and invests his own personal finance and enters into an annual maintenance contract with the company who have installed the rooftop by making a sizable payment. Also the association alleged that the provision of the grid support charges not part of the draft regulation released by Maharashtra Energy Regulatory Commission (MERC). 

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The announcement of these charges in final regulation is surprising for solar manufacturers and hence they had no choice but to raise their voice in protest of the policy decision made by the energy regulatory body.

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