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    Ginlong Solis has aimed for, and has become the company that makes “the reliable solar products” – the company that provides high-quality and comprehensive green energy solutions. Over the company’s history, and most especially in the past few years, distribution of the Ginlong Solis brand and their high-quality product lines has grown wider, and their influence is being felt in more places than ever. So much of this growth and trust in Ginlong Solis is owed to the cohesion and solidarity of the Ginlong employees.


    Employee care is a top priority at Ginlong. Every day, all employees follow the company’s strict and diligent disinfection and epidemic prevention procedures. Ginlong Solis has opened a psychological counseling hotline to strengthen the positive attitude among employees and to create a healthy, happy and efficient inner state. Ginlong Solis distributes masks to employees before going to work every day and while the company’s mask supplies are carefully managed, the company heard about an urgent need for masks for family members of employees. In a charitable gesture, Ginlong Solis allocated masks to meet the needs of employees’ families who were not able to purchase masks.

    Recently, Ginlong has taken additional actions to give confidence to employees and ensure employee safety while the demanding work to contain the 2019 coronavirus continues. Ginlong Solis has looked at the science, and today, Ginlong Solis actively organizes employees from other provinces to perform nucleic acid detection tests for the new coronavirus disease. A nucleic acid test sample can be collected in less than 1 minute, and the collected sample is sent to a medical laboratory for testing. Ginlong Solis is making every effort to take scientific precautions and to provide the safest working environment for Ginlong employees. To date, all employees participating in the nucleic acid test have tested negative for the coronavirus.

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    On the 24th of February, China will celebrate a traditional Chinese festival, Dragon Head-Raising Day. The Festival is held on the second day of the second month in the Chinese lunar calendar. The 2nd day of the 2nd lunar month is thought to be the day, according to Chinese folk legend, that the dragon awakes and raises its head. So, the day is called Dragon Head-Raising Day. The most popular custom on Dragon Head-Raising Day is cutting hair.

    Due to the outbreak of the Corona Virus Disease, the barbershops have not fully reopened, so Ginlong Solis invited two hairstylists to visit the company and provide barber services for employees! Although it is a challenging fight against the novel 2019 coronavirus, it is the company’s sincere goal to promote a humane working environment today and in the bright future to come.

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