MES Floats INR 10cr 1.5 MW Solar Tender At AFS Agra


The Military Engineer Services (MES) has floated a tender for the generation of solar energy of capacity of 1.5 MW in Agra at the Air Force Station(AFS). The approximate cost of the project is Rs 1049.94 lakh. Bidders must have a copy of the MES Standard Schedule of Rates including amendments and errata thereto. To complete the project the selected developers will have a period of 12 months from the date of issuance of the letter of award.


The last date for bid submission is April 7,2020 and the techno-commercial bids will also be opened on April 7, 2020. Along with their bids, every bidder must submit an Earnest Money Deposit (EMD) of Rs 8.49,970 lakh. The amount is required to be lodged within 30 (Thirty) days of the receipt by the contractor of notification of acceptance of tender. The document highlighted that In case the BOQ is revised by the department and the bidder has failed to quote in revised BOQ, such bid shall be treated as willful negligence by the bidder and his quotation shall be considered non-bonafide.

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The project planning for work covered in the scope of tender is based on CPM (CRITICAL PATH METHOD). The document noted that the bidder’s attention is drawn to the special condition of the tender regarding the preparation of the detailed network analysis and time schedule for the work and his liability for employing sufficient resources to adhere to this schedule. Any inability on the part of the bidder in using the technique will be taken as his technical inefficiency and will affect his class of enlistment and future prospect invitation to tenders for future works and the tender shall be Lump-sum based on specifications issued in the tender documents.


To be eligible for participating in the bidding process, Bidders must have experience of completed works of Solar Power Plants in Government Department / PSU during last seven years ending last day of the month previous to the one in which applications are invited should be any of the following: – One work of capacity > 1.2 MW Solar capacity of plant. OR Two works of capacity > 0.75 MW Solar capacity of the plant. OR Three works of capacity > 0.60 MW Solar capacity of the plant. Enlisted contractors who are either having above mentioned solar rating themselves fulfilling the criteria laid down hereinabove or meeting the criteria laid down for unenlisted contractors shall also be considered eligible. 


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