PWD Of Pune Invite Bids For Grid Connected RoofTops In Jalgaon


Public Work Department of Pune under Government of Maharashtra has invited bids for providing, erecting & installing of grid rooftop solar system for government sub-district hospital building at Jamner, Jalgaon.


The last date of tender submission is 07th April 2020 at 05.45 PM. The opening technical is on 09th April 2020 at 10.00 AM. Financial bids will also open on 09th April 2020.


Bidders are required to submit Earnest money Deposit(EMD) of Rs.3750 along with the has been stated in the document that EMD should be paid through online payment mode only.


Bidders should also submit tender costs of Rs 590 and security deposit Rs.7500 respectively. The estimated cost of tender is Rs. 3,74,956.The period for completion of work is 45 days. It has been highlighted that as per the Public Works Department, it is mandatory to submit the hard copy of the tender set in a sealed envelope within 72 hours after the bid lock.

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The scope of work includes supply, installation, testing, and commissioning & providing free fully comprehensive maintenance including all equipment, parts of system & consumable for 60 months after commissioning the system. It also includes that contractor shall supply at his own cost all materials, plant tools, appliances implements ladders, cordage, tackle scaffolding and temporary work required for the proper execution of the work.

Following are the division of the project:

The document also stated that the employment of female laborers on work in the neighborhood of soldiers barracks should be avoided as far as possible and No work shall be done on Sunday without the sanction in writing of the Engineer – in – charge. The contractor should take necessary insurance policies to provide adequate insurance cover for the execution of the awarded contract work for total contract value and complete contract period 

Some technical specifications of this project are the module efficiency should not be less than 16%, luminaries should use white LEDs, The color temperature of white LEDs should be in the range of 5500o K – 6500o K, The battery should be Lead Acid, Tubular positive plate flooded electrolyte or Gel or VRLA Type and The PV module should be warranted for 25 years.

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