JinkoSolar kept certain capacity in operation and attained 100% operational capacity by mid-March – Daniel Liu, Managing Director, South Asia and Central Asia, Jinko Solar


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Mr. Daniel Liu, Managing Director, South Asia and Central Asia, Jinko Solar

How has Covid-19 Pandemic affected the Solar module manufacturing in China? How is Jinko solar planning to cope up with this?


The impact on Solar module manufacturing in China was similar to any manufacturing industry in India. Insufficient labor force & unavailability of raw materials. This situation was aggravated by restrictions on transportation. Under the different levels of lockdown, materials were not able to move. The line workers were not permitted to travel back to factory after Spring festival. The transport system was stagnant to a large extent.


The impact on any Solar module manufacturer was also varied depending on geographical presence of its manufacturing plants and its raw material suppliers, size of its manufacturing capacities, financial strength, control over supply chain, an ability & resources to procure large quantum of raw materials before festival season. Many Solar module manufacturers had to shut their plants, halting their output to almost zero. Manufacturers which were in financial turmoil, were most affected.

JinkoSolar was able to contain the impact to a large extent. The reduced production was mainly due to external factors. Restrictions on movement of manpower and raw materials. During this time, JinkoSolar kept certain capacity in operation and attained 100% operational capacity by mid-March. This achievement was a result of the top capacity makers bandwidth, such as non-stop lines for global demand, negotiation power with Government and an availability of preventive medical processes & resources. This universal bandwidth is not found with every player, even not with many Tier 1 players, nothing to mention about Tier 2 suppliers. During that period, we were able to produce and ship to all continents including India.

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Other factors that also worked in favor of JinkoSolar, are Strong order book & record shipment in previous quarters. These helped in sustainable cashflow in.

How much capacity(approx.) of modules are generally provided to the customers every year?

JinkoSolar has been number one Solar Module manufacturer globally for consecutive four years. In 2019, we delivered 14.3 GW Solar PV modules to more than 100 countries. We are able to achieve this milestone due to many reasons, especially an ability to produce high efficiency Solar modules on mass scale, in existing manufacturing set-up.  In 2020, we plan to beat our records of 2019, with mass production of higher efficiency Solar Modules like Tiger & Tiger Pro. An interesting development is that we have upgraded all poly capacity to high efficiency mono perc technology. In India as well, ongoing technological trend is in favor of Mono PERC. 460 Wp+ & 515 Wp+ modules will enjoy most of market attention and share.

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Recently, You launched Tiger Pro series, could you please tell us more about it?

Tiger Pro is a result of our continuous efforts to anticipate market trends in advance of 1-2 years. Its advanced wafer size, high efficiency Mono PERC half cells and encapsulating module technology like tilling ribbon help investors in lowering BOS, labor and land acquisition cost. This would in turn lead to a more competitive Solar LCOE against not only other RE technologies but also thermal. It has three variants Tiger Pro: 72 HC, 72TR and 78TR. All are available with mono-facial and bifacial types. 72TR can deliver 530 Wp & 21.4% efficiency. While 78TR can attain power up to 580 Wp (40% more than ongoing mainstream products) with 21.6% efficiency. Its mass production will be achieved in Q3 2020. We are getting excellent response from our Indian customers, for Tiger Pro. We are ready to take orders.

Which is your highest selling product? What are the factors which has derived the popularity of this product?

Cheetah series is our highest selling product. It was one of most advanced Mono PERC Technology modules during its launch in 2018. In an era dominated by Polycrystalline technology, its ability to offer high power output, reduce BOS & land cost and minimize efforts on logistics, installation and operations & maintenance not only garnered interest of our client in it but also resulted into never-seen-before adaption of any module, in terms of shipment (more than 13.3 GW) in less than two years of launch. Globally, it led by example for technological transition from Poly to Mono PERC. In India also, it helped JinkoSolar in coming out as top module supplier in Q1 2020, with its 100% shipment. Going forward, we are confident that our next module series Tiger & Tiger Pro will bring fortunes to our customers and investors, like the magic done by Cheetah modules.

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