War between Technology and Price with arms of Intelligent and Efficient material


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With a war in action between Price and Technology and various solar developers facing
challenges when it comes to bidding for solar utility scale project and comparatively
growing C&I scale projects. Advance technology in friends with Intelligent and highly
efficient solar PV modules and PV inverters is a big ray of hope.


The prices touching as low as Rs 2.44/kWH in recent past and yet hovering to similar
range makes it highly important for technology to win this price war.

This webinar War between Technology and Price with arms of Intelligent & Efficient
material will cover all plant advanced product solutions from Solar PV module leader
LONGi and solar inverter technology expert GOODWE. It is highly focused over various
challenges being faced by developers in maintaining optimum LCOE, making plant O&M
efficient and easy, and how intelligent choice of PV material can be life saver in today time!

The webinar holds three sections of discussion:

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1.LONGi introduces its technology advancements and why they stand ahead with their

2.GOODWE introduces it product basket allowing customers to net settle just with inverter capacity. A feature loaded inverter is the need of the hour!

3.Question and Answers session discussion various aspects of challenges faced by Solar
Project Developers and Installers.

The webinar is on 10th June, 15:30-17:00 IST. Please click here to register.

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