Philippines DOE Invites RE Specialists For DREAMS Project


The Philippines Department of Energy has announced the dream project roster for renewable energy specialists.


The Last date of application is 06-Jul-20 and the bidder must start working on this project from 10-Aug-2020.


Successful candidates will be under the roster for a minimum of one year, maximum of two years depending on satisfactory performance and duration of the DREAM Project.


To be eligible part of the roster, the applicant must possess strong experience in working with national/local government, distribution utilities preferably electric cooperatives; power developers, international organizations (UN bodies, international donors), financial institutions, investment companies, Civil Society Organization (CSOs).

The applicant must have experience in RE resource assessment, management, planning and design, preparation of pre-feasibility and comprehensive feasibility studies, construction, management, and maintenance of related to RE Technologies or Projects, including evaluation and procurement of contractors for RE projects Project packaging, financing and resource leveraging.

It is highlighted that Interested applicants must purchase personal Medical/health insurance on their own expense which is mandatory for the issuance of contracts.

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The Development for Renewable Energy Applications Mainstreaming and Market Sustainability (DREAMS) Project is a five-year project being implemented by the Department of Energy (DOE) through its Renewable Energy Management Bureau (REMB) in partnership with the Global Environment Facility (GEF) and the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP).

The objective of the DREAMS Project is to reduce GHG emissions through the promotion and facilitation of the commercialization of renewable energy (RE) markets through the removal of barriers to increase investments in RE-based power generation projects. 

For more information please refer to the document below:

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