Enel Green Power North America is Awarded the Enterprise GIS Award


Esri awarded Enel Green Power North America and Tradewind Energy with two accolades for the implementation of Geographic Information Systems (GIS) in the development, construction, and management of renewable power plants.


Our portfolio of utility-scale wind and solar projects requires ever more advanced technology and the commitment of well-trained and competent professionals. GIS (Geographic Information System) software is one of the tools that help us in our work. Specifically, GIS facilitates the land-management aspect of our projects.

Enel Green Power North America was bestowed with the industry’s most coveted and prestigious award and a testament to the ability of our GIS team: the Enterprise GIS Award. The award is given by Esri – a world-leading software house specializing in geographic information systems – to businesses that stand out for their design of GIS corporate software. The award was publicly announced online during the 40th conference of Esri users.


The GIS team at Enel Green Power distinguished itself by using several forms of GIS tech while coordinating work between various business units, as this is a crucial step to manage the development, construction, and management of a power plant in a more efficient way. Esri outlined how Enel Green Power utilized its internal online portals to allow the use of Web GIS throughout the corporate structure, integrating different systems to craft efficient workflows while leveraging their real-time data-gathering specifics to monitor projects.

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Starting in 2015, our GIS team – with just 3 professionals – managed to develop a Spatial Hub infrastructure working like a traditional intranet hub. This modernized operations throughout the corporate structure, enabling workers to create and use content, perform analyses, and share information in real-time.

“We are honored to be selected for Esri’s top award this year, and I’m incredibly proud of our North America GIS team.We’ve been on a quest to expand the scope of GIS to become a core business system that provides value to all areas of the organization. I’m grateful for the support and latitude offered by our senior management at Enel Green Power North America” said Keith Aubin, Chapter Leader – Geographical Information Platform

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