SUNNY TRIPOWER CORE2: New SMA inverter offers more flexibility for commercial PV systems


Rounding out SMA’s commercial portfolio, the new 110kW SUNNY TRIPOWER CORE2 solar inverter offers installers maximum flexibility for commercial rooftop and ground mounted PV systems. Ready for current and future needs, the new string inverter allows customers to plan and implement commercial solar projects more easily and cost-efficiently. Different module orientations can be taken into account to ensure the highest energy yields and maximum power.


“The new SUNNY TRIPOWER CORE2 serves to be a core element in the SMA Energy
Systems for Business,” said Ting Wang, Head of Sales – China, India & SEA at SMA. “As an integral part of the SMA product portfolio, it can be flexibly expanded at any time to include new requirements such as battery storage. Besides, its out-of-the-box solution enables simple installation and efficient service. The SUNNY TRIPOWER CORE2 offers convenience and efficiency at its best.”


“This inverter is a game changer in SMA’s capability of offering the best-in-class energy
solutions for South East Asia. With an output of 110 kilowatts, it is ideally suited for larger, decentralized systems with different module orientations in the area or on the roof. With this new solution, we hope to provide the best energy solution that the solar power industry could offer to our customers and help them achieve a reliable solar power energy source.“ Said Karan Singh, Sales Director of South East Asia at SMA.

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The SUNNY TRIPOWER CORE2 has 12 MPP trackers and 24 monitored strings, ensuring
maximum flexibility when it comes to system design and installation. It is suitable for solar projects with up to 1,100V DC strings. The SUNNY TRIPOWER CORE2 is also suitable for bifacial PV modules and 500W+ PV modules. Its highest design flexibility is also supported by an inbuilt DC Isolator, IP66 rating and C5 corrosion class. The integrated SMA ShadeFix software solution minimises the impact of shading, it is a software solution integrated into the inverter that comprehensively optimizes energy yield in PV systems and in most cases is more effective than module optimization hardware solutions.

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