Sineng Electric Presents Latest PV Inverters and Energy Storage Systems at the SNEC-2020 in Shanghai


Sineng Electric, the global leading inverter supplier for solar, unveiled its the latest PV and energy storage innovations with the theme of “achieving grid parity” in SNEC 2020.A variety of products had been exhibited aiming at addressing diversified applications ranging from utility-scale PV plants, C&I solar parks to energy storage systems and floating solar systems.Utilizing clean solar energy day and night is not a fiction anymore with the help of Sineng smart inverter and ESS solutions.


Central & String Inverter and Turnkey solution for utility-scale PV plants


Committed towards large utility-scale applications, Sineng showcased its hero product 3.125MW central inverter- gigawatts of installations worldwide and turnkey solution which can be of 5MW,6.25MW and 6.8MW. Turnkey features an integration of two units of 2.5/3.125/3.4 MW central inverter, SF6 switchgear, double split transformer, and LV distribution & communication cabinet. In means of 3-level topology and smart 2 phase redundant cooling method, the efficiency can be achieved up to 99%, and they can work without derating till 50-degree Celsius. They also feature 1500V DC inputs, maximum DC/AC ratio of 1.8, overload capacity of 115%, night SVG functionality and IP55 overall protection (IP65 for key components). This machine is equipped with everything what a plant owner could wish for.  

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To address application scenarios like complex terrain, fully uneven hilly regions, Sineng presented 225kW string inverter SP-225K-H. As one of the world’s most powerful 1500 Vdc string inverters, SP-225K characterizes the optimal protection capacity of IP66 and 12 MPPTs. It can maximize yields while coupling with bifacial module and tracking system. 


Energy storage solution for Utility and commercial plant-for the first time

In the post-grid-parity and 100% stable grid era, PV will be deeply integrated with energy storage and solidly support the grid stability. Sineng debuted its latest 1500V turnkey solutions with PCS and LFP lithium-ion battery tailored for utility and commercial plant. The product is flexible for both DC- and AC-coupled designs and allows for the creation of all-in-one systems capable of providing services such as frequency regulation, peak shaving, and ancillary services. The nominal power is 2.5MW and maximum power can reach 3.465MW in different AC voltage situation.

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Highly integrated

Highly integrated ESS for easy transportation and O&M.

Safe and reliable 

Two power modules can work independently, better system reliability.

Fast breaking and anti-arc protection.

Key component compartment has IP65 protection level.

Efficient and flexible 

99% efficiency can be achieved thanks to three-level topology

Modular design, easy capacity expansion 

Smart and friendly 

Independent charging and discharging management which make it more battery friendlyIntegrated local controller to enable comprehensive devices management and easy for EMS access.

String Inverter solutions for C&I rooftop

To fulfill the diversified needs of commercial and industrial PV application, string family- SP-50K-L, SP-60K-L, SP-100K-L/SP-110K-L inverters were presented. They feature multi-MPPTs to reduce mismatch problem which could effectively increase the yield. In particular, they are also designed for wide MPPT voltage range, anti-corrosion C5 environment, ingress protection IP66 (cooling fan with IP68) and what not. Without derating of up to 50 degrees Celsius, inverters work stably at full power operation to maximize the return on investment. String I/V Scanning make able to monitor and locate string faults easily. 

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