DhaSh unveils PV Junction box with Integrated Module type Diode


    India’s leading PV Junction box manufacturer, DhaSh expanding its manufacturing capacity to 5GW by end of 2020 to support Indian module manufacturing capacity at maximum. After getting enormous success of Split Junction box and 24A Rated Non-Potted PV Junction box, DhaSh being innovative enterprise pleased to introduce Fully Potted junction box with Integrated Module Type diode.




    Increased demand for PV Module installations each day has catered more attention in ensuring advancement of component technologies. Despite of its small & compact design, a PV Junction Box, acting like an enclosure on the solar module where PV Strings are electrically connected, is one of the crucial component when it comes to the reliability and its importance can’t be ignored. The importance of a Junction Box lies in many aspects like protecting the module from electrical safety/hazards, dissipation of excess heat inside the enclosure out of any high current, resistance to water/dust entry, etc.




    When it comes to saving a PV Module under various circumstances, most of the times it is the Junction Box which has to jeopardize itself and ensure the safety across the PV Array. The pre-mature failure of PV modules owing to system installation are observed within the first few months of commissioning and the role of the junction box in this regard carry enormous significance. Major failure modes include burnt bypass diode, burnt junction box and low power, while the root cause attributes to Energy Over Stress in most cases. This marks the demand for advancement in junction box technologies since last several years.

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    Current Scenario

    The electrical rating of PV modules has increased from time to time with increase in solar cell efficiencies and the junction boxes have to be equipped with the increased current demand, generated by the modules. In more simple terms, any junction box has to deal with the ability of improved heat dissipation out of the increased current output from the modules. Same applies for PV Connectors as well.

    Technical advancements by DhaSh PV Technologies:

    As the India’s leading Junction Box manufacturer, DhaSh PV Technologies with the State of the Art Manufacturing Facility at Bangalore has engaged in the development of various junction boxes addressing the time to time technological drift in solar cell architectures with increased efficiency levels & other emerging innovations.

    Here comes into picture, the Fully Potted Junction Box model in 15A & 20A rated current and engineered with superior heat dissipation ability through the usage of “Integrated Module Type” Diodes & complete potting of the internal live parts. The module type diodes in terms of performance will excel over the conventional diode package on the aspects of better temperature rise ability & excellent switching response.

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    With its integrated module type diode, this new introduction is great innovation and getting considered as path breaking solution for high efficiency PV modules.  The fully potted junction box is compliant with the latest version of IEC 62790:2020. Provision of dedicated slots for individual busbar insertion enables safe operation and no fire hazards (by avoiding shorting) in case of any de-solder of busbars at field. The complete potting of internal live parts will give the product a cutting edge in terms of ingress protection to water and dust entry as well as excellent heat dissipation capability under harsh conditions. It’s robust & compact design makes it very user friendly at their application point. The unique features of the integrated module type diode is expected to overcome the issues arising out of pre-mature failure of bypass diodes due to various reasons discussed at the beginning. “This Innovative model is a prime example of how DhaSh continues to innovate and push boundaries to provide simpler energy solutions for our customers,” said Mr. Manjunath Reddy, Managing Director of DhaSh PV Technologies Pvt Ltd.

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