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JA Solar Supplies Modules for the First Floating Photovoltaic Installations in Spain and Malaysia


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JA Solar recently announced that it is supplying all photovoltaic (PV) modules for Spain’s first grid-connected floating solar installation, located in the Sierra Brava reservoir of the ‘Extremadura. The connection to the network has been made and the project well implemented. The 1.1 MW project adopts single-sided and two-sided modules from JA Solar which are installed in various tilt and tilt angles using different floating systems. Comparison of their differences, especially in energy efficiency and maintenance costs, will be an important benchmark for developing floating PV energy projects.

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Compared to a traditional PV installation, a floating solar power plant can reduce the amount of land resources needed, while water can limit the increase in the surface temperature of the modules and improve electricity production. With these advantages, floating PV installations have gradually gained more attention from investors and the engineering, procurement and construction markets globally. The development of floating solar power plants is welcome in the revived Spanish PV energy market. The Sierra Brava project received significant support from the local government, and the governor of the Extremadura region attended the plant’s opening ceremony.

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To protect the kestrels, two floating “islands” and nesting boxes are installed. In addition, the living conditions of birds and fish will be monitored in order to understand the impact of PV plant operations on the surrounding creatures and to provide a point of reference for the operation and maintenance of the floating solar power plants. .

In addition, Malaysia’s first floating PV installation, a 10MW floating PV project in Selangor State , has recently been successfully connected to the grid. JA Solar’s double-glazed modules selected for the project have excellent weather resistance and can maintain stable energy efficiency under high temperature and high humidity to effectively increase customer profit.

Jin Baofang, Chairman of the Board and CEO of JA Solar, said, “With the continuous development of the clean energy industry, photovoltaic power generation is applied more widely. A floating PV installation reduces the impact of land resource constraints and is complementary to applications such as ground PV installation and rooftop PV system. JA Solar is committed to developing and implementing high efficiency PV products. We are ready to strengthen cooperation with global partners to explore various ways to promote the development and use of PV energy, to bring renewable energy within the reach of more people. “

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