Risen Capitalizes Future Market Trend With a Global Order for 1.5 GW

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Risen Energy Co., Ltd, a leading Tier 1 manufacturer of high-performance solar photovoltaic products, announced today that it has signed a contract for 1.5 GW of its bifacial mono PERC Solar PV modules in cooperation with a well-known, independent and globally active power producer.


The emergence of bifacial modules is rapidly increasing due to the growing need to generate more energy at a lower cost, with the bifacial features fully integrated into this paradigm. While the adoption of this technology has been relatively slow after its inception, discerning players in the solar industry have now recognized the positive qualities of the bifacial format, which provides the exact arsenal of tools any IPP needs to maximize their revenues and profits.


After establishing its credibility with more traditional PV solar formats over the past few years, Risen has quietly developed an equally credible presence in the bifacial arena, currently culminating in the winning of a remarkable 1.5GW order. The contract, which provides for the distribution of the new technology on the European, African and South American continents, is already in full swing with around 900 MW organized and will be concluded in the first half of 2021.

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Mr. Bypina Veerraju Chaudary, Risen CSMO, stated, “This is one of our largest orders to date and is particularly important for Risen’s bifacial program. The energy recording on the front is better than with historical products, the recombinant power loss over time is lower, the module integrity is greater and allows a 30-year performance guarantee, the modules with a compatible frame rule out additional BOS problems and, moreover, can also capture energy with the back. The icing on the cake of this feature-rich cake is the further fact that the cost of Risen’s bifacial modules is only marginally higher than that of the old guard. So the decision for these modules is obvious. “

The above-mentioned 1.5 GW order from the world-renowned international developer is proof of the integrity of these performance claims. They easily pass the scrutiny that any buyer can seek to validate their decision and get the best possible financial result, both short and long term. The order also underlines the generally prevailing opinion that around 70% of all new IPP installations will be converted to the bifacial concept in 2021; it’s easy to see why.

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Dramatically improving the positive technological and commercial properties while minimizing the negative properties is not an easy task, but Risen’s bifacial modules do just that, and they are available in the market right now.


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