The Breakthrough of Central Inverter- Kehua Tech SPI4167K-B-HUD


As the world-leading inverter supplier, Kehua Tech has 32 years’ technical accumulation and industrial experience. The SPI4167K-B-HUD, with its unique power range and multiple technical innovations, has provoked a great reaction in the PV inverter market since its launch. 

  1. Why did Kehua choose 4.167MW for its central inverter? What are the deeper reasons?

In 2021, the mono PV module will deliver 32% more power than the 500W module, and its power supply will reach more than 660W. Larger power supply brings higher sub-array power density and lower LCOE, therefore, the application of larger sub-array capacity is an inevitable trend.


Meanwhile, a larger sub-array needs larger capacity inverters, transformers, distribution units and other devices. The larger sub-array design matching with inverter with higher power density will effectively reduce the consumption and installation cost of inverters, cables, distribution cabinets and other devices, so as to realize the intensification of system cost.


The latest 4.167MW central inverter solution provided by Kehua is fully compatible with modules with the power supply of over 660W and matches with the development trend of larger sub-array. This inverter can improve the system efficiency by more than 1% and reduce the LCOE cost by over 4%, which becomes the preferred choose for lowering the LCOE of power station in the future.

  1. What are the key points of SPI4167K-B-HUD ahead of other central inverters in the market?
  2. The patented independent dual refrigeration circuits ensure higher security and reliability
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For MW-level inverters, the heat dissipation design plays a vitally important role in the whole system. The 4.167MW central inverter solution adopts patented independent dual refrigeration circuits and completely isolates the refrigeration circuit of power devices from that of magnetic devices, effectively reducing the temperature rise of key devices and improving system reliability and operation life.

  1. Flexible redundancy design for higher power generation

The 4.167MW central inverter solution realizes full modularization from devices to power units and adopts multi-channel MPPT design, which allows for flexible redundancy design based on different project environments, power station conditions, illuminations and system capability. DC parallel connection ensures the continuous operation of devices and increases the overall utilization rate by 1%.

  1. An innovative PV generation system with ESS improves grid-friendliness

The 4.167MW central inverter solution realizes a grid-friendly PV generation system with energy storage devices and solves the problems such as solar curtailment and self-consumption, high DC/AC over ratio and power fluctuations.

  1. Intelligent operation and maintenance reduce full life cycle cost
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The 4.167MW central inverter solution, through the patented power grid transient analysis, realizes the data support for refined scheduling of power station in the future. Its unique intelligent wave-recording function enables fast fault location and saves 80% of fault recovery time.

  1. How can SPI4167K-B-HUD help customers to maximize value?

The 1500V 4.167 MW central inverter is equipped with advanced algorithm technology, uses innovative and patented heat dissipation technology, and adopts new design. It provides advantages such as large power supply, high efficiency, high reliability and more flexibility.

  • The maximum 16.668MW large square matrix helps to reduce the BOS cost by about
    5 minutes/watt, decrease DC line loss of the whole system by 50%, and increase system efficiency by more than 1%. Taking a 100MW power station as an example, it can generate 1.5 million kWh more annually, based on the electricity fee of 0.046 USD/kWh, the cumulative economic benefits can be increased by 1.9 million CNY in 25 years.
  • Up to 2.5 capacity ratio is supported. The system can flexibly design the appropriate capacity ratio based on different environments, illuminations and system capability. With the increase of capacity ratio, the power variation of the PV power station is also decreasing synchronously, realizing an innovative PV generation system with energy storage devices, the PV power station will provides smoother and more stable power delivery, and the grid-friendliness will be greatly improved.

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