RERC Passes Final Order On Regulations Of Tariff Determination from RE Sources

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Rajasthan Electricity Regulatory Commission (RERC) recently In the matter of Memo on Statement of objects & reasons and consideration of Comments/ Suggestions, received from various stakeholder for Tariff Determination from Renewable Energy Sources Regulations, 2020.

JSW Energy Ltd. and Assocham submitted that the definition of Average Annual Demand should be modified in order to allow maximum permissible capacity (as per Regulation 92.2 of the Draft Regulations) of new RE based captive generating plant up to 100% Sanctioned Load/ Contract Demand with the Discom. They suggested that Average Annual Demand should be considered equivalent to the Contract Demand with Discom.

 RIL submitted that RE generators have very low Capacity Utilisation Factor (CUF) which would require RE capacities greater than Contract Demand to meet 100% of consumer’s load requirements. Therefore, RIL requested to dissociate the relation between Average Annual Demand and ‘Maximum Permissible renewable energy capacity’ specified for captive generating plants.

The Commission accepts the suggestions from the stakeholders that clarity is required about the method applicable for determination of Average Annual Demand. Therefore, the Commission has decided to revisit the proposed definition of Average Annual Demand from these Regulations.

To know more about the order refer to the document below

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